Keeping in touch

You can keep up to date with UGRG activities in various ways:

Find us on Twitter at: @UGRGRGS

See us on Facebook here:

We also have a mailing list!

A very important goal for the UGRG is to improve communications amongst UGRG members and urban geographers more generally.  As one key way to accomplish this, we have established a new listserv for UK urban geographers:  We hope that this list will provide for productive dialogue on various debates and concerns related to the study of cities and urban geography, and serve as a channel for the dissemination of related information on upcoming conferences, seminars, calls for papers, and other events.  It will also serve as a key channel for the UGRG membership to keep in contact.  Membership is open to anyone interested in cities and urban geography.

Joining URB-GEOG-FORUM using email

Joining via email is easy to do.  Just send an email (from the email account you want to receive future list messages) to, with the following message in the email body (substituting your own first and last name in place of ‘Jane Doe’):


Sending this email will subscribe you to the listserv automatically.  If you have a signature that gets attached to the end of all your sent emails you will also need to put “–” on the next line after the above message for the subscription to work.

An alternative method to sending an email is to visit the listserv homepage: and follow the ‘join this list’ link.