The UGRG Sponsored Sessions at the RGS Annual Conference 2021

Here are the names, affiliations and titles of the UGRG sponsored sessions at the RGS Annual Conference 2021:

Alex Baker (University of Sheffield) and Elsa Noterman (University of Cambridge)Staying at Home?: Housing Struggles during the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond

Daniel Mullis (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt) and Valentine Domann (Humboldt University of Berlin)Urban dimensions of far-right mobilisations

Yunting Qi (Royal Holloway) and Tat-in Tam (Royal Holloway)The Bordering Process of Transnational Migrants in Urban Spaces with/without the pandemic of COVID-19

Alice Reynolds (Royal Holloway) and Nick Revington (Centre Urbanisation Culture Société)Young People and Housing

Anke Schwarz (TU Dresden) and Monika Streule (ETH Zürich)Urban geography otherwise? Decentering academic knowledge production in praxis

Alicia Souter (Newcastle University) and Robert Shaw (Newcastle University)Nightlife Recoveries: Where do we go from here?